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What lies ahead in 2022?

NEWSLETTER WINTER 2022 What lies ahead in 2022? Happy New Year to all. We have great expectations for 2022 and see the combination of rapidly rising rents, pent-up buyer demand and extreme limits of stock pointing in one direction as far as the prime London market goes. The return to normalisation of interest rates is something to be aware of needless to say, but the prime market is less sensitive to the cost of finance than the broader mortgage reliant national market. Please do have a read of our thoughts and experiences below. The Good The prime London market is at the start of a cyclical recovery. In contrast to the broader national market and, more recently, the country hot spots, until last year the prime London market had shown little signs of recovery from its average 20% fall in values from the 2014/2015 peak. Pent-up demand is obvious, as was illustrated with the easing of international travel restrictions in Q4 last year which translated into overall transaction levels for 2021 exceeding 2019 and for the over £5M sector reaching levels last seen in 2013. Prime rents are appreciating rapidly and are back to being well above pre Covid levels. […]

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Now it’s London’s turn

NEWSLETTER AUTUMN 2021 Now it’s London’s turn The most recent figures from Nationwide on the UK housing market are quite an eye catcher. Year on year, prices are up 11%. The reasons for this extraordinary growth in a time of pandemic and multiple lockdowns are many. With the pandemic spreading, the government stepped in with a stimulus measure by suspending Stamp Duty on the first £500,000. An immediate saving of up to £15k in a market where the national average house price stands at £248,857 (Nationwide). This coincided with mortgage rates hitting an all time low with sub 1% five year fix deals being offered from early summer. The pandemic of course slowed the world down and this in turn led to a review, for many, of priorities and lifestyle in general, home and work/life balance being high up on the list.   The result has been a rampant domestic housing market with first-time buyers desperate to take advantage of cheap mortgages and square foot challenged city folk making rapid decisions to escape to the country and live the rural dream. As things stand there is nothing to suggest the market will not continue to rise, albeit the pace will […]

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Good news flash

GOOD NEWS FLASH Performance indicators Since our February commentary where we made a number of predictions for the year, we have seen more data on how the market performed in 2020 and have a clearer idea on how it is likely to perform this year. Influential to this was the budget on March 3rd. Furthermore two key studies released this month by the OBR show both consumer and business confidence back to pre-Covid levels with anticipation of a huge surge in economic activity as we come out of lockdown. As a country, we also have an opportunity (albeit a rare one) to feel proud of our performance amid this pandemic thanks to the vaccination programme. We gather quite a few did not receive the February comment and we apologise if this was the case. It can be viewed here however. Market health report 2020 was the first recorded time when property prices rose in a recessionary year. Taking the various market trackers together, the UK house price indices rose somewhere between 7-8% last year. This was quite an extraordinary performance given the circumstances. Reasons are varied, but key to the context was the high level of optimism at the very […]

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